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Jennifer Love Hewitt Turns 35, You Get The Gift of GIFs


Jennifer Love Hewitt February 21

Jennifer Love Hewitt turns 35 years old today–that being February 21st, 2014–and that actually seems kind of young. Which is a welcome change from us usually being traumatized by discovering that a ’90s sex symbol like Neve Campbell is 40 years old, or that Denise Richards is 43. We’d forgotten that Jennifer Love Hewitt was still really a teen when she showed up playing a teen alongside Neve on the ’90s program Party of Five.

We’re really weirded out to think that Jennifer might have been underage when she suddenly became a movie star while filming I Know What You Did Last Summer. That fairly tame slasher flick was a huge hit in 1997–and, thankfully, spawned a 1998 sequel where guys could feel a lot better about admiring Jennifer’s breasts straining against a sheer tank top.

For as much as we’d like to admire Jennifer Love Hewitt’s fine acting and brief pop music career, the gal will always be best remembered for sporting one of the most righteous racks in the history of Hollywood sex symbols. That’s all the more impressive when you consider that this Texas native was sporting her incredible assets from a petite 5’2″ frame. She was all natural, too, which was a real commodity back then.

We’re not sure why Jennifer Love Hewitt never really became a big box-office name, though. She followed up the Summer movies with a barely-released rock ‘n roll comedy called The Suburbans, and then made the mistake of playing Audrey Hepburn in a TV-movie that mainly proved she wasn’t Audrey Hepburn. Jennifer also damaged her career with a widely-ridiculted magazine quote about how she didn’t “want to ever, ever do something in life that isn’t fun.”

But things worked out with us getting Jennifer back in our living rooms–first with a long stint in the supernatural drama The Ghost Whisperer, and then a sexy spell as a small-town “masseuse” in The Client List. That fine body of work also keeps building Jennifer a fan base–and now you get the birthday gift of 60 sizzlingly sexy GIFs that’ll get you animated…

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