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Gina Carano: “IN THE BLOOD” Trailer & 134 Action-Packed Pics [PHOTOS]


We got really pumped up when we heard that the fine folks at Anchor Bay had picked up Gina Carano’s new action film In The Blood. And, yes, there’s a dirty joke to be made there–but let’s just concentrate on how happy we are to see the former MMA brawler carrying on in her film career. We even have an official trailer for In The Blood now, and everyone has had to wait too long for  Gina to hit theaters again. Especially after her fancy debut as a real femme fatale in the Steven Soderbergh movie Haywire.

We get a lot of femme fatales in the movies, of course, but it’s nice knowing that there’s a gal on the screen that could literally kill us. Did that sound weird? We didn’t mean for that to sound weird. All we’re saying is that we like our lady action heroes to be capable of real action. We really liked how Gina seemed right at home amongst the mayhem in Fast & Furious 6. She fit right in with some established movie stars, too. 

We also like how In The Blood has Gina taking on a fine B-movie cast of bad-asses. We’re pretty sure that this movie is just an audition for a role in The Expendabelles--and, boy, will we be disappointed if that movie never happens. For now, we’ll settle for Gina as a bloodthirsty bride kicking serious ass on her honeymoon.  

We’re also hoping that there’ll be at least one hot honeymoon night before Gina’s husband gets kidnapped. You don’t have to hope for hot Gina action, though. We have the In The Blood trailer below, and we also can offer you some hot Gina Carano GIFs–but first check out over a hundred hot pics of a true brawling babe….

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