Amber Heard At The Movies: 70 Sexy Film Stills [PHOTOS]

3 Days to Kill might be a weird little movie, but there’s no denying the draw of Amber Heard. The striking blonde spends the movie stealing scenes as she keeps showing up as a femme fatale. A lot of guys will get drawn in right there–although we still think Amber Heard isn’t the big name that she should be by now. Most people nowadays only know about her as Johnny Depp‘s latest flame. Or maybe they remember Amber as the rising star who came out as bisexual just as her career began to take off.
Others have been Amber Heard fans for a long time–and we’re looking back now at all of the moments that made her a major star in our fantasies. Like a lot of people, we caught on to the Texas actress as she made her big-screen debut in 2004’s Friday Night Lights. Then we caught her wild turn in the indie Drop Dead Sexy, and recognized her by name when Amber appeared in the troubled indie production Alpha Dog.
That’s also when Amber got major buzz as the star of the visionary slasher film All The Boys Love Mandy Lane–which, amazingly, could never get released despite winning lots of critical acclaim. We ended up having to get an import DVD of that one, but Amber’s career kept going while Mandy sat on the shelf.

The Playboy Club bombed as a retro television show, but Amber kept doing great work in underseen films–including the supernatural Nic Cage action film Drive Angry and The Rum Diaries. That’s the movie where Amber met Johnny Depp and began to wrap up most of her lesbian relationships.
Now we’re celebrating 3 Days to Kill by collecting all of our favorite Amber moments. We have a few taken small-screen scenes from The Playboy Club, her appearance on Criminal Minds, and a short-lived show called Hidden Palms. We also revisit Drop Dead Sexy, Mandy Lane, and underseen movies like The River Why, And Soon The Darkness, Never Back Down, and The Informers.
You’ll also want to catch up on young Amber in 2009’s┬áThe Stepfather–which bombed as another ’80s horror remake, but helped make her a star. We also have hot Amber GIFs and some regular sexy photos, but let’s first go to the movies with Amber…

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