Abbie Cornish on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" [SEE HER TONIGHT]

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Abbie Cornish on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

(11:30 PM EST, ABC)

It seems like only yesterday that COED was getting all excited about Abbie Cornish hitting the big screen in RoboCop–but it’s left to the See Her Tonight column to follow up on the promotional tour. In this case, a repeat of the promotional tour for a movie that seems to be bombing. You know what didn’t bomb? Abbie Cornish on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in a red dress that has to be seen again.
We’re still pissed at how Jimmy Kimmel fawned all over Kanye West, but we have to give the guy credit for maintaining any kind of eye contact during his time with Abbie–although he’s trained for the moment with ladies like Dianna Argon, Naya Rivera, Morena Baccarin, and Miranda Cosgrove.

You don’t have to endure RoboCop to enjoy Abbie, either. Most of the attention went to her work on the big screen, but she’s also done some fine work on the Klondike cable miniseries. Abbie was starring as a sexy frontier woman in a town full of greedy Gold Rush guys.

Anyway, the Olympics have pretty much sent the other networks into the prime time druthers, so it’s nice to get a second chance to check out Abbie on the talk show circuit. You’ll want to tune in tonight to marvel at how this one turn with Jimmy Kimmel didn’t turn RoboCop into a big hit. For now, though, hit this amazing Abbie gallery while getting ready to rev yourself up over that red dress tonight…

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