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You Got Caught Staring At Boobs [82 PHOTOS]


Staring at Boobs

Is it really such a crime to be caught staring at boobs? Your Honor, the staff of COED maintains that men, in fact, have an obligation to the perpetuation of the human race to stare at boobs. We are not defending any kind of inappropriate leering. We’re simply saying that the boobs are there, and often prominently displayed, and men have a certain obligation to be sexually attracted to them.

We would now like to offer into evidence these 82 photographs of men (and, even better) the occasional woman being caught staring at boobies. You’ll see that we have a mix of perfectly ordinary citizens, and even some prominent celebrities being innocently entranced and entrapped by bountiful breasts and cunning cleavage. If wanting to perpetuate the human species is wrong, then we proudly claim that we do not want to be right.

Unless it’s something really embarrassing like getting caught while checking out an ex-girlfriend, or something awkward like that. Then it’s a problem. We don’t think that anyone will have a problem with this impressive collection of pics, though. We invite everyone to stare at these fabulous photos for as long as they’d like–but you might want to bring along something to eat…

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