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SI Swimsuit Models: Breast of the Red Carpet, Miami Edition [PHOTOS]


It’s just the beginning of the media blitz when the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue hits the streets. Actually, the media blitz begins about a week before, but nobody’s complaining. Then there’s a big party in New York City, but that party just keeps going–with the ladies of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue going on to take over the world. Or, in the case of this week, Miami.

Nobody’s complaining about that, either. It was still snowing in Manhattan when the SI Swimsuit Issue hit the stands on Tuesday. These gals needed to go somewhere warm so they could hit the red carpet for more parties. In best-case scenarios, that means they hit the red carpet while sporting really hot outfits. In the ultimate best-case scenarios, the models sported hot outfits while holding up pictures of the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue of themselves in bikinis.

We got plenty of that here. You really want to prepare yourself for Genevieve Morton, who hit Miami in a really daring dress while holding up a pic of herself in a really daring bikini. We’re talking about a double-display of DD action that almost put us in a coma. You’ll also see Samantha Hoopes throwing guys for a loop with a low-cut outfit that really rocks the red carpet.

We’re also happy to have surfer gal Anastasia Ashley representing in this gallery, and we added a bonus pic of Emily Ratajkowski at a Sports Illustrated event outside the red carpet–because she was kind of demure for one event, but a lot more relaxed at the other. And we have to include our beloved Kate Upton. We’re still recovering from making hot GIFs of her zero-gravity shoot.

Yes, Kate’s not showing much skin here, but that form is still outstanding. Now check out these pics for more reason to wish that you were out standing in Miami today…

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