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Rihanna Turns 26: Celebrate With Her 30 Sexiest Pics [PHOTOS]


Rihanna turns 26 years old today–that being February 20, 2014–and we celebrated her birthday last year with 25 photos of her smoking weed. Now we celebrate her birthday with 30 photos of Rihana just smokin’. You might be wondering why it’s not 26 photos, but we’ll explain that later. The important thing right now is that Rihanna isn’t just celebrating a birthday ths year. She’s also celebrating a decade in show business.

Yes, the Barbados native (born Robyn Rihanna Fenty) was only 16 years old when her demo tape started a real buzz in the music industry. Jay-Z quickly¬†signed her to a six-album record deal with Def Jam Recordings just as Rihanna was turning 17 years old. She still didn’t become a star until her third album in 2007, but there was a good reason that the record was titled¬†Good Girl Gone Bad. Rihanna quickly proved that she was a grown-up gal with the massive hit “Umbrella,” and has been topping the charts ever since.

There’s also been plenty of drama. Rihanna was having some serious financial difficulties by 2009, although that’s all been settled over the years. She’s also had some serious problems in her private life–most famously for boyfriend Chris Brown physically assaulting her badly enough that she had to cancel an appearance at the Grammys. Not that missing out on the Grammys was the worst of that.

It was kind of creepy when Rihanna and Chris got back together. Fortunately, it looks like Rihanna is turning an older-and-wiser 26 years old this year. The couple’s broken up, and the worst thing that’s happened to Rihanna lately was making an acting debut in the 2012 sci-fi bomb Battleship. She was a lot of fun in This Is The End last summer, though. So enjoy these 30 pics knowing that Rihanna is heading into another great year. And it’s 30 pics because we couldn’t narrow it down to 26 after we started pondering those video pulls of Rihanna and Shakira in the lesbianic “Can’t Remember To Forget You” video. You’ll understand…

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