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Kate Mara Cast As “Fantastic Four” Invisible Girl [26 Pics]


After lots of speculation, we’re looking at some official casting news on the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot–which has the comic book movie starring Kate Mara as the Invisible Girl, and some guys. Okay, we can be more specific than that. It’s Kate Mara as the Invisible Girl (aka Sue Storm) in the role once filled out by Jessica Alba, along with Michael B. Jordan as her flaming brother Johnny Storm, plus Miles Teller looking to play stretchable supergenius Reed Richards. Jamie Bell seems set to be turned into CGI to play The Thing.

That’s a very young cast, and dedicated comic-book geeks (like us) aren’t very happy to see the gray-haired Reed Richards being played by Miles Teller. This is probably more of a Marvel Ultimates kind of reboot–which is an alt-history line within the Marvel Empire. We’re hoping this is an alternative universe where Reed Richards can’t perfect the outfits that he makes out of unstable molecules, so that the Invisible Girl’s clothes keep disappearing at inappropriate times.

This is all great timing for Kate Mara, who really launched into stardom with House of Cards on Netflix. We won’t spoil anything about Season Two of the show, but we will say that Kate was ready to line up some more work. It’s kind of a shame to see Kate being so wholesome, though. She made a splashy debut as a bisexual cheerleader on the old cable show Nip/Tuck, and kept working steadily ever since–including a really ravishing role for the redhead in the first season of American Horror Story.

Kate’s starring in the upcoming big-budget sci-fi thriller Transcendence, so she’s going to be used to plenty of CGI and green-screen work. Meanwhile, some unfortunate guys need to get used to Kate’s hot bod–so check out the pics below, which include plenty of screen shots from Kate’s sexiest roles…

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