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Huge Tinder Flaw Exposed Exact Locations Of Users



Not very good news for the creators of every Olympian’s favorite app, Tinder.

Until the end of 2013, users of the extremely popular dating (hookup) app were able to pinpoint others’ locations, according to Internet security researchers. That’s right, until just a few months ago, Tinder users, who knew how to do so, were able to see how close they were to each other in increments of 100 feet(!!). Knowledgeable users could mine through data and find out where any other user was. To do this, someone would need to use three different accounts as a way to triangulate a target’s location, according to research by Internet security consultant Include Security.

Tinder CEO Sean Rad said in a statement that it conducted security measures “shortly after being contacted” by Include Security, and did not respond to further inquiries from the company because it does not usually share  specifics of Tinder’s security measures. “Our users’ privacy and security continue to be our highest priority,” said Rad.

Just remember, everyone: using technology to hook up may be the latest new craze, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the safest way to do so. You could always pick someone up at a bar? Call us old fashioned. Just be careful out there, Tinder-sphere. For now, let’s look back at the happier Tinder times, like when it was turned into a modern day fairy tale by our friends over at CollegeHumor.

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