Carolina Kostner: Olympics Figure Skating Hottie Is No Hoax [PHOTOS]


It’s been a bizarre 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi for Italian figure skater Carolina Kostner. We always thought it was weird how much Carolina looked like the USA’s Ashley Wagner, for one thing. We bet they get confused for each other a lot. Things took a weirder twist when The Onion decided to make Carolina Kostner the butt of a joke with a news story about an Olympic skater falling through the ice.

The world isn’t used to The Onion, so a lot of people took the fictional news story seriously. But now we see Carolina Kostner getting the last laugh as she scored a bronze medal in today’s Olympics competition for figure skating–placing behind Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova and South Korea’s Yuna Kim, but safely ahead of her double Ashley Wagner.

We understand why The Onion went with Carolina as their punchline, by the way. We’d do anything we could to get Carolina’s attention, too. As you’ll see in the gallery below, the Italians really know how to dress their figure skaters. You’ll find that Carolina can really work a sexy vibe–mostly thanks to the sensual setting of her dancing to opera away from competition. You’ll also see some great pics of Caroline recreating musicals. These pics of her in a red corset have to be from a staging of “Cabaret” on ice.

Meanwhile, the top skaters in the USA have to star in productions like “Disney On Ice.” We bet that Disney pays better, though. Anyway, we’re going to go enjoy a nice fantasy about Carolina Kostner and Ashley Wagner running into each other in the showers, while you check out these amazing pics. You have to warm up for that Carolina/Ashley fantasy, or you could hurt yourself…

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