Booty Alert: Caitlin Rice is the New Jen Selter [30 PHOTOS]

We don’t want to encourage any sense of competition among the sexiest women of Instagram–but we’re thinking that Caitlin Rice is really raising the bar (and other things) with her amazing displays of bountiful booty. That’s a bold claim, too, given that most guys have already dedicated their attention to the brazen booty of Jen Selter. We hate to play favorites, and we really hate when women fight over our attention–but Caitlin Rice has the kind of booty that will not be ignored.
This aspiring fashion model is warming us up all the way from Canada, and we’re a little baffled by her official measurements of 34D-24-32. In fact, we’ve been staring at Caitlin Rice pics for several hours while trying to confirm that this 5’5″ brunette is so slim in the hips. But what really matters is that Caitlin is fully into her curves.
We think that plenty of guys will enjoy being into Caitlin’s Instagram account. She’s only 22 years old, but Caitlin has some serious discipline, and she enjoys showing off the work that she puts into building her amazing bod. She’s a popular model, of course, but we’re thinking that Caitlin’s ready to move on to some internet fame worthy of Jenn Selter.
And if Caitlin isn’t worthy, we’d sure like to see the gals that deserve more attention. Give these hot 30 pics your own attention, and we think that you’ll become an instant addict for Caitlin’s Instagram account. Then you might want to take a look back at the gals we recommended as the Hottest Girls on Instagram for last year. Time to do some updating…

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