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WCU Freshman Denied Half Court Prize Gets Better One from Pizza Hut


WCU Student Half Court Shot

The West Chester University student who was denied his $10,000 prize for sinking a half court basket instead got his money–and then some–from Pizza Hut.

Jack Lavery, a freshman at WCU, got picked for a half court shot contest at a recent home game in which he had to make a series of baskets from just outside the baseline to the half court line in under 25 seconds. He managed to make all four shots in the allotted time but the university refused to pay him the money because he didn’t make his half court shot on the first attempt. He missed his first shot but he scrambled to get it back and threw a Hail Mary shot that landed in the net just before the final buzzer.

Someone at Pizza Hut heard about the story and decided he earned his prize and possibly a little extra for the mental anguish his school inflicted upon him. They not only gave him the $10,000 that the university refused to hand over, but they also promised him free pizza for a year, via their Twitter feed.

To which Lavery responded, “I feel blessed and honored to be awarded the generous gift of $10k and free pizza for a year!” As would we all.¬†Lavery has even vowed to donate some of the money to some of his favorite charities. Those include¬†Woody’s Circle of Care Foundation, a local non-profit that helps families suffering from extreme illness or other tragedies. At this point, Lavery sounds too good of a kid to be at a place like WCU–or what it should be called: Scrooge U.

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