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Victoria Justice Is 21 Years Old, We Drink To 26 Sexy Pics [PHOTOS]


Another Nickelodeon gal is all grown up, with Victoria Justice celebrating her 21st birthday today–that being February 19th, 2014. It seems like only yesterday that Victoria Justice was just another kiddie actress making the move from Zoey 101 (where she played Jamie Lynn Spears’ roommate Lola) to headlining her own show with Victorious. Victoria played an aspiring pop singer on that one, which was canceled in 2012 despite being Nickelodeon’s top-rated show.

Nickelodeon still had big plans for Victoria, though. She hit the multiplexes as one of the leads in the Halloween-themed teen movie Fun Size–which ended up being one of the bigger bombs of 2012. By then, of course, Victoria had her own career going as a pop singer. She’s taken her time releasing her proper debut album, but we’re supposed to see it this year.

Meanwhile, Victoria’s acting career should be recovering from Fun Size with the upcoming Eye Candy on MTV. She’s starring in the miniseries about a gal whose online dating leads her into the arms of a serial killer. It’s based on a book from Goosebump‘s R.L. Stine, so we’re not expecting the content to get too adult–but we’re certainly going to be tuning in when the show debuts later this year.

A lot of former fans will probably also be tuning in for that show–and now that we think about it, chances are that Victoria’s planning to really hit the pop charts hard just as Eye Candy gets released. And so we see Victoria joining the ranks of Nickelodeon stars who’ve grown up as spectacularly as Michelle Trachtenberg and Miranda Cosgrove. Check out these pics below, and you’ll also be ready to follow Victoria into a very grown-up career…

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