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Pizza Hut District Manager Caught Peeing in the Sink on Camera [VIDEO]


pizza hut manager

The District Manager for a Pizza Hut chain in West Virginia scared off his entire customer base after security camera footage revealed that he took a leak in the kitchen sink.

The video shows the district manager tending to some business at a computer in the back office after hours when nature calls. Instead of wandering over to the men’s room like any other normal human being, his bachelor instincts kick in and he wanders over to the sink in the kitchen where he proceeds to relieve himself. Then he goes right back to his work without even bothering to wash his hands.

Someone from the store or the company posted the footage on YouTube and it quickly went viral. Pizza Hut officials confirmed that the man in the video was the restaurant’s manager. We use the word “was” because he used to be the District Manager. Thankfully, Pizza Hut fired him for his little “pit stop.” Local news reports also confirmed that the local health department shut down the restaurant because the place presented a “substantial hazard to the public health– which is currently in the running for Understatement of the Year at the 2014 Understatement of the Year Awards.

Guys, we know what it’s like when you’re a bachelor and you don’t have a woman breathing down your neck to clean the place up but at least we know to keep those bizarre hygiene habits at home and not at a place where hundreds of germ-susceptible customers visit each and every day. Plus, this guy goes beyond even the laziest stay-at-home bachelor because he never bothered to wash his hands, even though he just whizzed in a sink.

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