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Check Out the Trailer for “22 Jump Street” [VIDEO]


22 jump street

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill will suit up once again for another undercover drug bust this summer–at least, according to the new trailer for 22 Jump Street.┬áThis time, the crime fighters are teaming up with Ice Cube to take down a drug syndicate that’s infiltrated a college campus. Which means that they’ll have to go undercover as (you guessed it) college students.

Which means we’re not only going to get a big dose of wild gunfire and cocky law enforcement methods, but it’s going to be book-ended with lots of college comedy fodder–possibly leading to things like drunken keggers mixed with gun fights and undercover drug deals going down at fraternity hazings. According to IMDB, the movie also features Parks and & Recreation’s Nick Offerman, The Daily Show’s Rob Riggle, and Richard Grieco making his grand return to the role he played on the TV version of 21 Jump Street. It’s scheduled to be released in theaters on June 13th.

Comedies that are based on classic TV shows have a pretty sketchy record, but they can also produce something that becomes a classic like The Naked Gun, Dragnet and The Blues Brothers. The first 21 Jump Street remake falls into the latter category. It surprised a lot of critics (what do they know anyway, right?) when it hit the theaters in 2012 and now it’s being set up for a summer release. Of course, that’s not a hard bar to get over when you’re competing with some of the less classic contenders like The Honeymooners and The Beverly Hillbillies.

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