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A Quick Recap Of All The Samsung S5 Rumors: Waterproof, Biometrics ?


S5 Concept

Samsung Mobile is ready to unveil something on February 24th, and the odds-on favorite is that the product will be the Galaxy S5. As is the case before every big mobile launch, rumors are already flying about what the new flagship phone will include. We’ve got a rundown on all the rumors (waterproof, fingerprint scanner, bigger screen, better battery, etc.) surrounding the highly-anticipated device for you to drool over below.

The photo above is a concept and probably isn’t what the S5 will look like. But we can always hope.


Fingerprint Sensor

First up, we’ve got word from Sammobile that the new S5 will come with a fingerprint scanner. Unlike the one currently on the iPhone, the Samsung scanner reportedly asks you to swipe your finger downwards, from the base to the tip, before it registers your print. This functionality apparently won’t work when your fingers are wet, so an alert will show if you need to dry your hands off.

If Sammobile is to be believed, the best part about the fingerprint ID is that the phone will be able to store up to eight IDs. Each of these ID’s will be able to access their own personal folders and files–the perfect way to make sure nosy friends don’t go rummaging through your stuff.

Apparently this rumor is as close to “confirmed” as is possible.

Excitement level: 7. We might not use if it didn’t have those private folders… but it does.

Likelihood: 9


Larger, Sharper Display

Bloomberg┬áis reporting that the new S5 will have a new 5.2-inch display (the S4 has a 5-inch) and that it will also be sharper. According to a leaked screenshot of the “settings” section, the screen will feature a quad-HD (1440×2560 pixel) display.

Excitement level: 8. Read our review of the Note 3 and you’ll see that we believe that bigger is better, within reason.

Likelihood: 8




This is really the big one that we’re really excited about, given our propensity to use our phones like clumsy idiots. According to, there’s a good chance that the Galaxy S5 will be waterproof and dust proof. Samsung experimented with this idea with the Galaxy S4 Active, but that phone had less functionality than the regular S4. If they’ve managed to bring that feature to their new phone, we’ll be really stoked.

Excitement level: 10. People drop their phones in all sorts of stuff.

Likelihood: 6



That same Bloomberg report also suggests that the new S5 could be priced cheaper than the rest of the S devices, something that’s been requested by wireless carriers.

Excitement level: 9. More affordable = more better.

Likelihood: 5

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