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2014 SI Swimsuit Issue: Skylar Diggins Brings The Controversy [PHOTOS]


It’s the day after the release of the 50th Anniversary Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and the world is trying to recover from things like Kate Upton in Zero Gravity and hot SI models on the red carpet. Now it’s time to think about the deeper meanings behind the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue–or at least it is for some people.

Consider the poor souls at the L.A. Times who’ve decided to commence a poll over whether Skylar Diggins should’ve posed for the Swimsuit Issue. Seriously, the deep thinkers there want to make sure that nobody’s troubled that the WNBA star from the Tulsa Shock has done a fine job of working a bikini as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model. We’re not sure why they’re singling out Skylar Diggins as some kind of poor soul, though. The new issue includes surfer galĀ Anastasia Ashley and soccer star Alex Morgan.

But the Times still wants their readers to ponder if Skylar is part of “a setback for gender equality.” We’re thinking that Skyler is really making a great leap forward for the WNBA. We’re also really happy that Skylar Diggins is claiming her sexuality. Yes, that’s for the usual reasons, but also because Skylar got caught in a fake scandal when some Lil Wayne fans posted fake nudes of Skylar after their hero talked publicly about his love for the basketball star.

That was back in 2011, and we’re very glad that Skylar hasn’t let that keep her from showing up in Sports Illustrated, or doing anything else that she wants to do with her life. Skylar doesn’t need somebody at the L.A. Times deciding to worry about her professional life. You’ll probably be really happy with Skylar’s work in Sports Illustrated, and we’re happy to help you start warming up now–so you don’t pull anything, you know…

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