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Kate Upton Soars In Sports Illustrated Zero Gravity Shoot [VIDEO]


Kate Upton Zero Gravity Sports Illustrated

Here’s the Sports Illustrated video of Kate Upton floating in zero gravity–which means that all of that money we gave to NASA was a good investment. Sadly, we’re not quite getting the Kate Upton: Boobs In Space scenario that we had going in our minds. Instead, this video shows Kate bravely getting into a bikini and then getting on an airplane that flies her to the edge of the universe. Or at least far enough that the airplane’s interior gives up the gravity and allows Kate’s fine form to float freely.

Yes, it is very beautiful. You might find yourself shedding your pants a few tears out of appreciation for the space program that made this moment possible. Then you’ll probably move on to a big smile because Sports Illustrated couldn’t have picked a better form to send flying. We could spend hours studying the aerodynamics that keep Kate spinning around in spacely splendor.

Of course, we’re veteran scientists when it comes to putting Kate Upton under the microscope. We’ve studied her sexy early years and developed big advances in the development of Kate Upton’s joltin’ GIFs. We’ve even excavated her Twitter account for Kate’s sexiest Twitpics.

We’re still saluting the Sports Illustrated masterminds who’ve taken the release of the 2014 Swimsuit Issue and made the moment even more special. Check out this video for some truly inspired photography mixed with high-tech fun. We’re pretty sure that it’ll get you floating…

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