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Chris Farley Does Matt Foley In Great Lost Second City Footage [VIDEO]


Check out some amazing new (and old) footage from Chris Farley back in his Second City Theater days in Chicago–with a very early look at his creation of motivational speaker Matt Foley. The rotund comedian died young, but left behind a legacy of great characters. Matt Foley became a real favorite on SNL as the failed motivational speaker frequently lecturing lethargic teen David Spade.

But before there was SNL, there was Chris Farley and Bob Odenkirk and Tim Meadows working the Second City stages back in 1990. Tim Meadows would follow Farley to some SNL stardom, while Bob Odenkirk went on to Mr. Show on HBO and some real later fame as Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad. And he also wrote this sketch, so let’s give Odenkirk some overdue credit for actually creating the character.

You’ll also see David Pasquesi, Jill Talley, and Holly Wortell in this sketch. They didn’t go on to real fame, but we highly recommend catching Holly Wortell in the 2000 comedy Return To Me, where her breasts took up plenty of the big screen while she irritated David Duchovny as a ditzy blind date. We’ve been big fans of Holly ever since that scene.

Anyway, check out this great look at a character in development–and then you might enjoy checking out The Great Forgotten Hosts of Saturday Night Live, or maybe The Great Forgotten Musical Acts of Saturday Night Live. Yeah, not everyone on SNL goes on to immortality like Chris Farley. Although a lot of them are still alive, so that’s something.

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