Ray Rice Gets Arrested in Atlantic City

Ray Rice Arrest

If the 2013 NFL season wasn’t bad enough for Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, things just got potentially worse. Rice and his fiancée were charged over the weekend with assault after an altercation in Atlantic City. The police report states that the two “struck each other with their hands”. That sounds plausible but not something that should have got the police involved.

There are many layers to this story probably that haven’t come out yet but unless Rice was slapping his fiancée around, charges were likely not needed. It would be better for Rice to work on his game instead of using his hands for assaulting someone. It was the worst season that Rice ever had in 2013 and fans in Baltimore are going to be looking for a much better year in 2014.

Right now it would appear that the bigger thing will be figuring out where these charges go. Maybe he can allude the charges better than he did defenders last season. It could turn into the only thing he has been able to get away from quite a while.

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