Miley Cyrus Bangers Tour Video: Artsy Sexy Weirdy [23 PHOTOS]

Miley Cyrus has taken her Bangerz Tour on the road–and her sexually explicit performance has already started a Twitter trend called “Bangerz Tour or the Bang Yerzelf Tour?” We compiled the sexiest photos from her opening night so you can judge for yourself–but COED readers wanted more. Fortunately, there’s always more to share when Miley is out being an exhibitionist.

So check out these sexy shots from the video that plays as part of the Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour. We’re pretty sure that it’s from when she does “Drive” in a quieter moment from the stage. The footage is certainly bangin’. You just have to decide for yourself if these artsy images are sexy or absurd. Miley is certainly out to shock her audience with this wild imagery that mostly leads to bondage. We know that plenty of people have fantasized about seeing Miley begin gagged with duct tape. It’s just that only a few of those fantasies have been sexual.

Personally, we thought the Bangerz album proved to be surprisingly ambitious–and so do these pics from her live show. As you’ll see in this gallery, Miley goes from looking sexy to indulging in some insane imagery. We could spend all day debating whether this is genuinely edgy or just expectedly weird. It’s probably time better spent just enjoying the sight of epic celebrity sideboob and celebrity underboob.

In other words, Miley Cyrus is once again pushing the limits while giving her audience (or at least a large part of her audience) what they want. Amazingly enough, it was just about four years ago that Miley was touring as Hannah Montana and showing audiences some wholesome video from her upcoming film work in The Last Song. Things have changed….


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