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Ellen Page Outs Herself: We Update Our Sexiest Celeb Lesbians [PHOTOS]


Ellen Page out

Another open secret came out of Hollywood yesterday, as actress Ellen Page–of Juno, Inception, and X-Men movies fame–announced that she’s a lesbian. She came out of the closet at the Time to THRIVE conference in Las Vegas. That’s an event for  LGBT youth, and good for Ellen Page for being open about her sexuality. Mainly because she was really bad at faking being straight. She once kissed a guy at a gas station for the benefit of the paparazzi, and looked about as comfortable as Leonardo DiCaprio would be kissing a girl who wasn’t a supermodel at a gas station.

Some of us here at COED are big fans. Others haven’t been so excited over her. Some of us mainly got excited over a naked CGI Ellen Page in the Beyond: Two Souls video game. But nobody’s going to say that Ellen Page wasn’t superhot as an amateur superheroine in the underseen indie film Super. Check her out…

Ellen Page gay i

Too bad that Super barely played in any movie theaters. We doubt the next X-Men film will get Ellen in an outfit that looks so good.

Anyway, now you can see why it’s time to update our list of Sexiest Lesbian Celebrities. Not bisexual celebrities, mind you. We’re talking about women who can even resist the charms of a COED staffer. Hardcore lesbians who only perform the most explicit and bizarre sexual acts with other women in bed. Or that’s how we like to imagine it. Maybe we’re getting carried away–but your imagination will do the same with this gallery of gals who go girl/girl…

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