NBA2K14 Mod Lets You Play as "Space Jam" Tune Squad & Monstars [VIDEO]

A new mod turns the human athletes in 2KSports’ NBA simulator into bizarre, animal-human hybrids with the heads and uniforms of the players in the climactic moment of the Looney Tunes movie Space Jam.
The homebrewed mod, available for download on MediaFire, turns the players on either side of the court into both the Tune Squad and the Monstars, the horrific aliens who threatened to take over the world if the Looney Tunes and NBA great Michael Jordan couldn’t beat them in basketball. The Tune Squad team also includes the real Jordan avatar included with the game although from the look of some of the game footage, you might not need him. They actually have real world skills in this version. It appears they don’t need giant, over-sized mallets and anvils to take on the Monstars, even if they are technically legal in the NBA’s screwed up rulebook.
If anything, this means we’ve finally got a decent Space Jam video game to play. Acclaim Entertainment actually made a three-on-three basketball game for the Sony PlayStation and the Sega Saturn and it was unplayable at best. The only downside compared to the original version is that the players actually look somewhat like they came from the movie. The players in the new, modded version are limited just to what the creator can do with the graphics in the game so they look like the heads of deformed fuzzies pasted onto athletes’ bodies. Sure, it’s fun but is it worth the entertainment value if they show up again in your darkest nightmares?

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