Mindy Robinson: Born To Be Our Valentine [41 PHOTOS]

Need another reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day? It’s also the birthday of Mindy Robinson–who’s just about the most perfect gal that any guy would want for the holiday. Now we just need for Hollywood to figure out the very special talents of this spectacular built blonde. Right now, all that ever happens is that Mindy gets cast as a stripper, or some kind of wild gal, or–well, maybe Hollywood is on to something there.
The fact remains that Mindy Robinson is all set to become the thinking man’s sex symbol. As usual, it’s taken the geeks to blaze that trail. Let’s first note that regular guys have gotten plenty of opportunities to take notice of Mindy lately. You didn’t have to be a geek to have caught her in Iron Man 3--and she also hit the multiplexes last year with Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg in Pain & Gain. Mindy was also hard to miss among a bevy of hot babes in 2012’s Ted.
But let’s salute horror fans for getting plenty of opportunities to enjoy Mindy’s amazing talents. We first noticed Mindy as the very best thing in Killjoy Goes To Hell. It was a later entry in the film series about a demonic clown, but one of Mindy’s first performances. That’s pretty amazing, given that Mindy was probably already 31 years old when she made that movie. Mindy’s a late bloomer, and it’s really difficult to believe that she’s turning 34 years old today. It’s even more amazing to think that she’s racked up over 100 movie roles in just the past four years.
Mindy’s too bright to just be pumping out schlock, though. We’ve enjoyed her in some low-budget productions, and we’re particularly grateful for her lesbianic turn in Lizzie Borden’s Revenge. We were even happier seeing her showing up in the very cool anthology horror film VHS 2. It was nice that Mindy got naked there, but the really important thing is that she was in a classy production. Mindy’s also shown up in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and we’re expecting to enjoy her on the big screen again in the upcoming Stretch. 
Yes, she’s playing a hooker in that one. Mindy still has the kind of personality that’s even more fascinating than her looks–and we recommend checking out her inspired work as horror hostess Veronique Von Venom. That’s some real Mindy greatness shining through there. But let’s stay a little superficial on this Valentine’s Day, and  celebrate Mindy’s birthday with some hot pics that’ll turn you into a dedicated Mindyion…

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