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Forget to Put Bacon on Your McDonald’s Sandwich? That’s a Shootin’


bacon gun

A woman who didn’t get the bacon she ordered on her sandwich at a drive-thru restaurant decided to express her displeasure with a gun. [Images via ryan.dowd and simonov/Flickr]

The incident happened at a McDonald’s restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The customer, Shaneka Monique Torres, placed her order at the drive-thru during the Monday morning rush for a sandwich that she presumed would have bacon on it. She stopped at the first window and seemed to be in a good mood since she flirted with the employee while paying for her order but she blew a fuse at the second window.

Then she discovered that the delicious breakfast sandwich she ordered did not have any bacon on it. Rather than settle her differences by telling the employee and asking for a side of bacon, she grabbed her gun and fired a round into the drive-thru window. Well, someone’s not going to get on the next McRib reserves list.

Thankfully, the bullet passed through the building and into a wall on the other side of the restaurant without hitting or injuring anyone. The employees didn’t even realize the woman fired a weapon until after she fled the scene. Some said that they thought someone had dropped a glass coffee pot. Police, however, were able to track down Torres pretty easily because she gave her phone number to the man she flirted with at the first window. We’re actually impressed. It must be very difficult for someone who is stupid enough to fire a weapon in public and leave her phone number at the scene of the crime to remember a sequence of seven numbers.

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