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“Sharknado 2” Cast News: They’ll Need A Bigger Boat



The greatness that will be Sharknado 2 is about to start shooting and the studio behind the mad and insane movie concept announced they are packing the film’s cast with even more famous names and faces.

The Syfy Channel announced that in addition to Ian Zierling and Tara Reid who both appeared in the original film, they are also bringing a bunch of other familiar names on board for Sharknado 2: The Second One. They include Vivvica A. Fox, former Sugar Ray lead singer Mark McGrath, Kelly Osbourne and (because a movie like this can’t have enough crazy in it, they’ve also cast) Andy Dick as a yet-to-be-named police officer.

Some of the more interesting additions to the cast include 30 Rock star and comedian Judah Friedlander, a self-proclaimed horror movie aficionado who probably begged to join the cast of such an epic B-movie, and Taxi’s Judd Hirsch who has been cleverly cast as (you guessed it) a taxi driver. That last one makes me wonder if Andy Kaufman isn’t going to jump in front of the movie at some point and reveal that he was the mastermind of this giant prank.

The studio hasn’t released many details on the plot. The only big news is that the movie is set in New York City, so the East Coast is getting some equal time there. Otherwise,expect tornadoes, sharks and the cramming together of the two words to create a “sharknado.” That’s because things like plot, exposition and character development really aren’t important in movies like these. We just want to see tornadoes flinging scads of sharks around a major metropolis causing massive property damage and an unnecessarily loss of human life and suffering.

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