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Richie Incognito Fires Away on Twitter


Dolphins in Turmoil Football

Richie Incognito still can’t find a way to stay out of the news. He brought himself back to the forefront with a Twitter rant on Wednesday about former teammate Jonathan Martin. Incognito fired off a series of tweets talking about Martin not telling the truth all the time and that Martin wanted to take his own life in May 2013. The simple fact that Incognito wants to continue this story is the sad part about it.

The story appeared to have been in the past, with both likely looking for new jobs next season if the Miami Dolphins decide they want to wash their hands of the situation. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has said that neither player is expected to return to Miami. Incognito, however, wants this to continue as long as humanly possible for some unknown reason and that can’t be allowed.

There will be an end game to this at some point in the near future. It isn’t going to end well for either party. It’s just sad that Incognito brought the story back to the front page again. It is just the perils of social media.

Read the Tweets below:

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