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Kirill’s First Video Shows Just How Much Fun Boobs And Champagne Can Be


When we hear the name “Kirill” three things pop into our mind: insane parties, boobs, and champagne. The great news is that his first ever video “Pretty & Plastered: Volume 1” isn’t doing much to change those opinions. Even better news is that with the term “Volume 1,” it looks like we can expect more like this.

“P&P: Volume 1” is exactly the kind of behind-the-scenes cut you’d expect from the world’s wildest photographer. Not only does it feature video from some of the insane parties that you’ve seen on, it’s got some unreleased moments that you’re not going to want to miss.

Life on the road with Kirill seems pretty rough.

Not for nothing, here’s the link to the vimeo video when it inevitably gets pulled from YouTube.

And if you haven’t seen the stuff he shot with Lauren Hanley our Miss COED of the Year 2014, here’s your chance.

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