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“House of Cards 2: Card Harder” Kicks Off Tomorrow on Netflix [VIDEO]



Just a reminder for you romantics on Valentine’s Day: Netflix will release the entire second season of its Emmy nominated political drama House of Cards on its streaming service this Friday.

The first season saw Congressman Frank Underwood, played brilliantly by American Beauty Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey, do some of the most underhanded things to maintain his stranglehold on the House, Senate and even the White House (and we’re issuing an official SPOILER ALERT, even though you have no excuse since all available on the web whenever you have time to watch it). He staged a fake vandalism of his home to turn the public’s tide of support in a massive teacher strike. He turned an ambitious cub reporter into his mouthpiece in the pages of the press. He cheated, swindled and bribed just about every important person who got in his way.

More importantly, he killed another Congressman who became too hot to handle after prepping him for a governor’s run that went south. Even worse, he made it look like a suicide, an conniving move that could become a big mistake as he moves into the Vice President’s office if the second season trailer is any indication…

If anything, the House of Cards series has become an industry changing way to tell a complex and totally addictive dramatic story. It has the feel and pathos of Breaking Bad mixed with the political wonk and cynicism of a Shakespearean tragedy. Underwood seems destined to fall but the true beauty of his tragedy is that he may just become the most powerful person in the free world, hence his chilling phrase “Democracy is so overrated.”

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