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Ed Reed Has $50,000 Stolen From Car


Ed Reed

Ed Reed had $50,000 stolen from his car on Wednesday while visiting banks in Houston. That opening statement is just shocking for many reasons. Reed was visiting banks but had 50 grand in his car sitting in a bag or envelope. Reed told police that he withdrew the $50,000 from one bank to another to make another transaction.

Would it have been so wrong to get that money on a cashier’s check? It almost seems too easy to do instead of carrying around that kind of money and then leaving it in the car. Something like this was bound to happen especially if someone followed Reed from the first bank to the second one.

Hopefully Reed learned his lesson from this and won’t be carrying around that kind of money any more in his car. He is lucky the robbers didn’t take his car as well while they were at it. $50,000 could buy a new car though if they really wanted to do that. Reed finished last season with the New York Jets after playing the first seven games with the Houston Texans. It is always possible he was moving the money to a bank he could access outside of the Houston area. The investigation continues.

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