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Amber Heard Red Carpet & Stills: 17 Reasons To See “3 Days To Kill” [PICS]


Amber Heard was front and center on the red carpet for last night’s premiere of her new film 3 Days to Kill–where she’s a femme fatale at odds with aging spy Kevin Costner. Our money’s on Amber, if only because she looks a lot better in a tight black leather skirt. Which she wears an awful lot in 3 Days to Kill.

Sadly, Amber opted for something less dramatic for last night’s premiere. That’s okay, though. Amber was still pretty generous with a plunging neckline and the chance to show plenty of leg. She also had an impressive accessory with new boyfriend Johnny Depp on her arm. Did you know that people used to make jokes about how Johnny Depp looked like a lesbian, just like people do now with Justin Bieber. It’s true. But we don’t think Justin will ever age as well as Johnny.

That’s really just our roundabout way of reminding you that Amber also likes women. And we like Amber. The gallery below is her looking daring at the 3 Days to Kill premiere, mixed with stills of her sexy she-spy from the movie. We also celebrated her loud-and-proud bisexuality with 96 sexy Amber Heard shots, and once dedicated an entire post to Amber Heard’s lips. Of course, COED also had to collect Amber Heard’s Wildest GIFs. We’re just saying that there’s a lot of Amber Heard for you to look at here. We could easily kill three days with that bright idea…

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