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Why I think Danny Brown’s Twitter Breakdown is Fake


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Hip Hop has since its inception been rooted in gossip, hype, braggadocio, and shit-talking. Or, basically just talking, period. At this point, the rapid fire rants, tirades, and diatribes from the likes of Drake, Diddy, and 50 are almost extensions of their music catalogue- like today’s answer to the bootlegged and rare live tracks that my friends and I would vie for in the 90’s, frantically burning the earliest CDR’s available at a snail’s pace and trading them after school like they were gold.

The real difference is that as a kid, I saw value in the barrage of words from the emcees, picking apart every sentence, believing the hype, hating ___________’s latest enemy, and loving their newest ally. As an adult I can finally take these rants at face value, and appreciate them for the fire-starting, record cycle-extending, hype-machine oil, that they really are. Which, thankfully, still reduces none of the entertainment value.

The most recent Internet tantrum being collectively thrown by hip hop fans across the globe was inspired this time by Detroit rapper Danny Brown’s Twitter “breakdown.” Not unlike Kanye’s famous public display of disdain for Taylor Swift, the rapper, who is apparently enduring some difficult times currently, got very honest about his feelings toward ADIDAS and Mac Miller, and even went so far as to claim that the drugs he so enthusiastically, and infamously rhymes about are actually coping mechanisms for his gripping depression.

Why so serious, you ask? Apparently between standing in the shadows of Big Sean and Tyler, The Creator, and riding on Spirit Airlines’s black bubblegum-stained seats next to screaming toddlers (and adults), Danny just can’t take it anymore.

Danny’s Tweets have since been erased, but you know how the Internet is -once it’s out there it’s out there for good:


So, what do you think? Is this another work of the infamous manager Paul Rosenberg and his infinitely wise and witty methods of massaging the media beast? After all, he did speahread Eminem‘s PR rampage in the 90’s, public gun-brandishing, family feud and all. ¬†Or is Danny really losing it? WHY WON’T NAS PAY ATTENTION? And why the Hell would Danny Brown have to call anyone’s assistant at this point?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

h/t: All Hip Hop

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