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Selena Gomez: Looking Cute For Adidas, Sexier For Fragrances [PICS]


Selena Gomez NEO 1

Selena Gomez is announcing her new NEO line from Adidas, and it’s supposed to be a real big deal that the pop star has personally designed the 28-piece collection. That must be true, because the entire theme of the NEO line is rock ‘n rebellion, and everybody knows that Selena is the most rebellious rock ‘n roll girl to ever exist. Unless you actually saw Selena trying to act tough in that movie last year with Ethan Hawke where they pretty much spent the entire movie driving around in a car.

Spring Breakers was a lot more fun. Selena was also a lot more believable as the inherently good girl. The kind of girl who’d brag that her NEO line is “so playful and packed with prints” that you’ll have no problem creating “a rock rebel look all of your own.” Courtesy of Selena, of course.

Selena Gomez NEO 2

But the really important thing here is that Selena is also modeling three hot looks as part of the campaign to introduce NEO to the masses. We’re feeling some mass hysteria as Selena rocks the kind of outfits that we never saw her sporting in The Wizards of Waverly Place. We’re also taking some comfort in knowing that her old boyfriend never saw Selena like this, either, or else Justin Bieber would’ve held on to the gal.

Selena Gomez NEO 3

We say that now because we’re actually convinced that Justin Bieber is heterosexual. These hot new NEO pics (that’s redundant, by the way) certainly have us feeling hetero–but we’re still thinking that we prefer Selena pushing fragrances. That’s because we can remember way back to 2011, when Selena was stripping down to push her new perfume called–um, we’re not sure if it was called “Selena Gomez” or “Fragrance.”

You’d think we’d have a better memory about things regarding Selena Gomez. Well, let’s all try to refresh our memories by checking out those hot pics right now. And, yes, there are some pics of Selena and Justin Bieber in the gallery, too. Just pretend they’re lesbians, folks…

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