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Jackie Chamoun & Chinine Njeim: Olympians Got Nude On The Mount [PICS]


A long time ago–well, three years ago– Lebanese Olympic skiers Chinine Njeim and Jackie Chamoun posed for a Ski Instructors calendar at the Faraya ski resort. That would be outside of Beirut. And the ladies were posing outside of their clothes. Yes, we’re talking about two naked Olympians (well, two naked future Olympians). In their defense, though, the pictures still count as being totally SFW.

Unfortunately, the video that was taken of the photo shoot wasn’t nearly as SFW. You can see Jackie Chamoun and Chinine Njeim pretty much nude throughout the video. And now the video has gone viral, and Jackie and Chinine are caught up in a scandal. It turns out that the sports fans of Lebanon aren’t really cool with their Olympic heroes posting nude.

Chinine lives in Chicago, so she may not be too concerned about the outrage. Jackie, however, has responded by going to her Facebook page and making a proper apology. She also asked all of those outraged folks in Lebanon to quit sharing all of the nude pics of Jackie–which kind of makes sense. People who are outraged over Jackie’s nudity really do look kind of dopey if they’re spreading around the images.

As it turns out, though, Jackie (and presumably Chinine) also have supporters. There’s now a Facebook movement of people getting naked in support of the Olympian. Hey, some of them are female, like this gal…

Jackie Chamoun Strip Support

So that’s nice. We think it’s a pretty minor scandal, but it’s only natural for us to think that because we’re in America. Our countrymen really like our Olympians naked. And since we aren’t outraged over Jackie (and Chinine) posing for nude pics, we’re perfectly comfortable with sharing some of their pics with you–and then we invite you to check out other sexy ski bunnies…




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