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Hana Mae Lee on “Super Fun Night” [SEE HER TONIGHT]


See Her Tonight

Hana Mae Lee on Super Fun Night

(9:30 PM EST, ABC)

It’s going to be a tough time for ye olde See Her Tonight column as the other networks give up competing against the Olympics–but give Super Fun Night some credit for going after some ratings gold. The sitcom has lured us in with Ashley Tisdale and Alexis Knapp, but tonight’s episode brings us another Pitch Perfect reunion between Rebel Wilson and another fellow castmate. Even better, it’s Hana Mae Lee in her second appearance as a gal named Frankie. And guess what, guys? We learn tonight that Frankie is a lesbian who’s eager to make a move on Lauren Ash’s character.

There’s also a sex-toy party involving another character in tonight’s episode. We’re going to be very happy if those two plot lines collide. The episode is called “Lesbihonest,” so it’s not like any girl/girl action is going to be buried in the background. We doubt that Hana Mae Lee could be in the background, anyway. She stole plenty of scenes as the alleged quiet one in Pitch Perfect, and the actress has really been standing out ever since.

Hana Mae isn’t just an actress, after all. She’s also an artist and fashion designer who’s displayed some really weird ideas on the red carpet. We first saw her in an episode of Workaholics that got us cheering when Hana Mae hit the big screen in Pitch Perfect. Now we’re ready to get excited over her upcoming role in an episode of Californication where she plays a character named Mi Suk Kok.

Yeah. It’ll take a gal like Hana Mae to make a role like that really work. Follow her via Twitter for Hana Mae’s own bold thoughts about that role, and about life in general. She’s a fascinating gal, and we know that you’ll be fascinated by these pics…

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