Christina Ricci Turns 34, Still A Sexy Waif [21 Pics]

Christina Ricci is turning 34 years old today–that being February 12, 2014–and that’s a pretty big shock. Older guys will think it’s just been a few years since the spooky gal launched into fame as (very) young Goth gal Wednesday Addams back in the ’90s. Other guys will think that Christina Ricci is perpetually on the cusp of womanhood, thanks to her sexy waif ways. And then there are the guys who caught Christina Ricci as she matured into a fully-grown gal–who, sadly, saw her debuting nude scenes in Prozac Nation kept off the big screen when the troubled production barely got released into theaters.
It’s certainly been a weird career for Christina Ricci. Her offbeat beauty and petite frame kept her from ever getting a chance to be a proper movie star. It’s taken equally offbeat directors like Tim Burton and the Wachowski Siblings to turn her into a leading lady–in Sleepy Hollow and Speed Racer, respectively. Christina hasn’t had much luck on television, either. Pan Am was supposed to be Mad Men with stewardesses, and it was smart to cast the retro Ricci as one of the leads. The show still went off the air pretty quickly.
Fortunately, the Lifetime network stepped in earlier this year to give Christina a fun splashy role as a legendary accused murderess in Lizzie Borden Took An Axe. That movie did a a lot to remind people that Christina still packs plenty of petite star power. And it’s sure going to take a long time before the lady starts looking her age. Take a look at Christina Ricci for yourself, and get reacquainted with how she’s all grown up…

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