Yuki Tsubota Women's Ski Slopestyle Butt Crash–Ouch [VIDEO]

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Update: There are reports that there are no serious injuries to Yuki Tsubota. So it’s OK to watch now.

Yuki Tsubota, one of the Canadian women’s ski slopestyle athletes, was carried off the course after she crashed during the second run of the women’s ski slopestyle final. It’s one of the worst crashes that we’ve seen in the 2014 Winter Olympics yet. Full video at the bottom.

The issue was that she didn’t have enough speed when she hit one of the big kickers to actually clear the flat part and make it to the sloped landing zone… meaning that she jumped around 30-feet into the air and landed flat. Anyone who’s ever skiied or snowboarded and made that same mistake will tell you that it hurts a whole lot.

Hopefully the medical team was just taking precautions when they carried her off.

In other, much happier news, congratulations to Devin Logan the American 20-year-old who won a silver medal in the women’s ski slopestyle event. We had the opportunity to say hi to Devin when The North Face introduced her and the rest of the ski slopestyle team in their official uniforms which were made in the USA.

Canada’s Dara Howell won the gold medal and Canadian Kim Lammare.


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