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The Samsung Note 3 Is Still Fantastic [REVIEW]


Samsung Note 3

I love playing games, watching movies, and taking photos with my phone. Those are the three things I need my smartphone to do the best. And after using my Samsung Note 3 for only a few days, the only problem I can see with it is that I’m going to have an issue switching to another phone. That’s just how great it is to have a big screen. I literally cannot imagine owning a current generation iPhone because of how puny it feels in my hands.

The Samsung Note 3 has been out for a little while by now, so if you’re interested in the tech specifics of the smartphone, there are tons of sites you can go to. What I would like to talk about are the features that someone like me (a 26-year-old media enthusiast) uses. And as more competitors (cough Nokia Lumia cough) start coming out with products to combat the new big kid on the cell phone block, I thought another look at the Samsung Note 3 would be well worth your time.


Samsung Note 3 Camera

The Samsung Note 3 has a 13-megapixel camera (the iPhone 5S has 8) that is pretty impressive. Upon first using my phone, this was the feature that jumped out to me first. Not only are there a bunch of camera modes that you can use (Rich Tone and Sports are my favorites) the clarity of picture was in my opinion a big step up from what I had with my Note 2. And while some people lament the fact that the Note 3 does not have the useful “Night Mode” that a Galaxy S4 has, the Note 3 does have the capability of shooting ultra-high quality 4K video which the Galaxy S4 does not.

Samsung Note 3


*Photo above for all the fans of using bananas for scale. It’s a small banana.

Someone will inevitably call you out on owning a “television” when they see you with a Note 3. I actually have lost count how many times friends have said that to me when I pull my phone out. But the spectacular thing is that the Note 3 is actually smaller than the Note 2–which fit very comfortably in my pants–while still managing to have a bigger screen! Technology is an amazing thing.

Are you going to be able to text comfortably with a Note 3 with just one hand? No not really. I’m 6’3″ and have pretty big hands but even I wasn’t careless enough to go about single-handedly texting people. Most of the time this will be a two-hands device unless you’re making or receiving phone calls.

But remember that with that size, you’re getting a fantastic screen. Watching movies or playing games is a real treat on the 5.7-inch full HD Super AMOLED display.


You don’t have to use the S-Pen (the Samsung version of a stylus). In fact, there are times when you’re going to forget it even exists. But then one day when you feel like drawing some funny doodle on a photo you took, you’re going to remember that it’s there and you’re going to think it’s the greatest thing in the world. Seriously.

Of course, there are other features for which you can use the S-Pen but I’ve only ever found it useful for drawing and doodling. Taking notes with it isn’t as easy as it would sound because your handwriting is inevitably too big.

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