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Father-To-Be Busted for Smoking Weed in Maternity Ward


Pot Smoking Father Arrested

A man in Florida couldn’t wait to celebrate the birth of his kid with a quick toke–so he sparked one up in the hospital’s maternity ward. Police then arrested 28-year-old David Bastin of Jupiter. (Yeah, we’re presuming they’re referring to a city in Florida and not the plane. It could go either way with this guy.)

Bastin arrived at the hospital on February 4th with his girlfriend who was going into labor. As she was being admitted, he strolled off to another room in the hospital’s maternity ward to grab a quick smoke. A nurse was able to sniff him out and called the police. Officers arrived on the scene and the nurse told them that she could smell the smoke coming from the same room where they were admitting his girlfriend. They approached Bastin and discovered he had a vaporizer on him as well as a small amount of marijuana inside of it. They charged him with misdemeanor marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession charges, arrested him and transported him to the county jail.

That kid’s going to have a pretty hard life with a father like that. Just imagine how awkward it will feel to have him toking up at a parent-teacher conference, their first little league game or their first graduation. I’m just kidding. I’m sure a dad like that won’t even be there for any of those things.

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