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Brooklyn Decker Wins the “Pretty Girl, Funny Face” War Again [GALLERY]


Brooklyn Decker Funny Faces 1

You can follow Brooklyn Decker’s Instagram and see all kinds of sexy shots from the amazing model. You’ll also get the occasional big surprise–usually because Brooklyn Decker really loves to make funny faces. In fact, she’s probably the most gorgeous gal working the Pretty Girl, Funny Face meme. Usually, that means getting something scary like this…

Brooklyn Decker Funny Faces 3

But now Brooklyn is taking great pride in her funniest face yet–courtesy of the hair and makeup geniuses who’ve dolled up the beauty for an upcoming BMW commercial. The spot is titled “High School Brooklyn,” and we’re pretty sure that it’s about Brooklyn Decker in high school.

And, yes, we know that every supermodel loves to complain about their awkward high-school years, but we’re still thinking that the picture below might not be historically accurate…

Brooklyn Decker High School BMW

Brooklyn’s really proud of the look, though. We understand why, too, because it really must take a lot of work for a gal like Brooklyn to look that bad. Remember when we compiled her 40 Sexiest Birthday GIFs? And how about when we looked at how gorgeous Brooklyn was before she was famous? Sorry if we’re putting the lie to that BMW commercial with that collection–but we cannot lie about Brooklyn’s true early years. Still, here’s the official fictional version….

Those guys with Brooklyn in the top pic above will probably go on to some Academy Award-winning work now. They’ve certainly earned their paychecks today. But let’s also take a look at the regular gals who also do amazing work in contorting their beauty for the cameras. Check out the gallery below for an amazing look at ladies who can make very funny faces–and they’re almost as challenged there as Brooklyn…

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