The 10 US Colleges With The Most Sochi Olympian Athletes

Did you know that there’s a college in the United States which is responsible for 10% of the athletes in the Winter Olympics? Unless you’ve already read this report from Business Insider, my guess is that you didn’t. Even crazier is that it’s a college you’ve probably never even heard of (unless you’re a fantastic skier): Westminster College in Salt Lake City, UT. Westminster is responsible for 23 out of the 230 United States Olympic athletes competing at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. [lead image via Boston Magazine]

The school is able to have such a huge contingent because of its location–right in Salt Lake City where the 2002 Winter Olympics were held–and because of a partnership they have with the US Ski and Snowboard Association. But there are a few other institutions (other than Westminster College) who have great representation in Sochi. See which schools they are below:

* FYI, we are not including DeVry University which has 15 athletes competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics.

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