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Silje Norendal Wins 2014 Winter Olympics Without A Medal [34 PHOTOS]


Silje Norendal didn’t have a great starting weekend at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi–but she’s spent the past few days emerging as a frontrunner with guys watching at home. Never mind that she lost to Jamie Anderson and Jenny Jones during the Sunday slopestyle competition.¬†Silje Norendal didn’t even get close to winning a medal. Now she has to settle for winning the hearts of American males.

Actually, it looks like Silje has international appeal. She’s quickly becoming the first hot babe to be cited by people who watch the Olympics out of appreciation for fit bods. Everyone could actually learn a lot from Silje. You might have noticed that COED just spend the weekend concentrating on Jamie and Jenny. We didn’t even think about poor Silje.

That might be because we know this 20-year-old Norwegian beauty just came off winning the Winter X games slopestyle competition in Aspen last month. ¬†Silje couldn’t have been feeling too bad about things. And let’s not forget that we’ve been admiring Silje back then, too. You can see for yourself with our article about the 5 Most Beautiful Female Athletes of the 2013 X Games.

And you might have noticed Silje earlier today amongst our 23 Hottest Snowboarders of the 2014 Winter Games. It’s pretty impressive that everyone’s noticing Silje among that hot group of gals–and she’s becoming a real fan favorite across all of the competitions. Silje knows how to build a following, too. Check out her very generous Instagram account, and check out these amazing pics right here. Don’t forget to stretch first. We’d hate for you to end up pulling something…

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