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Julie Mancuso: Sochi Olympics Record-Setting Beauty [PHOTOS]


Julie Mancuso made history today in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi–courtesy of a bronze medal finish that gave her a fourth Olympic medal in Alpine skiing. No other female competitor in that field has ever won more than two. It was an even bigger deal since Julie was doing slalom skiing, which isn’t usually her thing–and now we’re looking at Julie Mancuso possibly winning a fifth gold medal with Wednesday’s downhill competition, which would tie her with Bode Miller for the all-time Alpine skiing Olympic record.

We’re pretty thrilled with any exposure for Julie Mancuso, of course–mostly because this wild gal has given herself some amazing coverage herself. Her nude pics made her an easy favorite for our 23 Sexiest Athletes of the 2014 USA Olympic Team. Julie has also built a dedicated male fan base with her practice of posting pics of herself bent over for a big downhill run. Furthermore, the legend from Lake Tahoe (who was actually born in Reno) has a reputation as a professional adventurer who doesn’t turn down any kind of new challenge. That practically makes Julie an honorary bro.

We don’t think she’d fall for that line if we used it to invite her to stay over at the COED frat house, though. Julie’s pretty smart. She’s also newly single, having broken up with longtime boyfriend (and fellow champion skiier)¬†Aksel Lund Svinda late last year. We’re thinking that Julie’s high profile is going to be getting her lots of offers.

Yes, from guys like us, but at least your friendly COED staffers are realistic enough to know that we’re mainly talking about endorsement deals for Julie. That’s fine with us. Maybe we’ll be able to steal a life-size cardboard stand-up of Julie in a couple of months. Check out these pics, and you won’t be so quick to judge…

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