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Get Ready For The New ‘Walking Dead’ With Zombie Pranks [VIDEOS]


A new season of The Walking Dead premieres tonight on AMC. Just in case people may have forgotten about the show, the producers decided to pull a prank on unsuspecting New Yorkers. A bunch of volunteers were given professional zombie makeup and placed underneath the city’s subway grates. As people walked above the grate, they were greeted by several screaming zombies.

As scary as a real zombie apocalypse is, it’s much more likely that you’ll simply experience a zombie prank. Zombie pranks seem to spread about as fast a zombie plague. It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping in Miami, trying to eat free pizza or working at a drive-thru, you’re never safe from a zombie prank. Watch these videos and prepare yourself for your inevitable zombie pranking…

These people in Miami were just going about their normal lives, when a zombie showed up out of nowhere. The zombie does get a basketball thrown at his head, but we’re surprised none of these guys actually tried to beat him to death.

Seriously, why aren’t people beating these guys up? Obviously, not everyone will throw a punch, but no one instinctively hits this guy in the face? Hopefully, that actually happened, but it was just edited out.

As if working a drive-thru wasn’t bad enough, these poor people have to be subjected to this guy’s prank. Sure, they laugh on camera, but next time this guy’s car is seen in a drive-thru there’s going to be some spit in his food.

College. Where else can you hang out in a library and jump on hot chicks while wearing zombie makeup? Man, those were good times.

The cruelest part of this prank is that no one got any free pizza. If someone promises us free pizza and doesn’t deliver, there’s going to be hell to pay.

COED Writer