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Yvonne Zima: “The Girl He Met Online” Is Totally Worth It [39 Photos]


Yvonne Zima is starring in the Lifetime movie The Girl He Met Online—which, if we understand correctly, is about a nice guy who discovers that the girl he meets online is crazy and possibly dangerous. Except that the girl he met online is played by Yvonne Zima. So we’re kind of having a difficult time figuring out the problem here. Yvonne Zima could be starring in The Girl He Met Online Who Has A Bad Case of Vagina Dentata, and we’d still figure the movie has to be more of a touching romance than some kind of horror movie.

The problem is that Yvonne Zima has kept our eyes zoomin’ ever since the former child actress showed up as a beauty queen in Iron Man 3. She was playing┬áMiss Elk Ridge, and that must’ve come as a shock to anyone who remembered her as Dr. Mark Green’s little daughter on ER back in the ’90s. It was kind of an Alexa Vega situation. We’d been following Yvonne’s indie career, though, so we were prepared to check out how much she’d grown up (and out) over the years.

Of course, we’re a little disappointed that The Girl He Met Online doesn’t star D.J. Qualls as a COED editor who has a surprising romance with a hot actress who becomes entranced by the wonderful things that he writes about her on a humble website that’s adored by millions. That would’ve been a really good movie. We’re still happy to have Yvonne in our living rooms, no matter how psychotic she gets. And we doubt that she could get any crazier than we get over these fine photos…

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