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Victoria’s Secret Models: The Week In Instagram [February 7th, 2014]


It’s not too hard to find the big winner as we go over the Instagram accounts of the Victoria’s Secret models this week–since it looks like Izabel Goulart managed to hide from assorted blizzards while enjoying Brazil. We can’t tell if she’s working or not, though. Such is the life of a Victoria’s Secret model. We should note, however, that Izabel seems to be one of the few Victoria’s Secret models who didn’t end up at the Super Bowl this past weekend. Yeah, a lot of those gals didn’t have trouble getting tickets.

We’re sparing you all the assorted shots of a New Jersey 50-yard line, though. Instead, we’ll note that Cara Delevingne. still isn’t posting any shots of her with Michelle Rodriguez. At least she took the time to do some posts from London, while Michelle came back to New York City for a Fashion Week event. See, it’s Fashion Week in New York City. That’s a big deal which kept a lot of the models hanging around town after the Super Bowl.

A lot of them stayed bundled up, but we still have plenty of great pics here. Doutzen Krous probably posted Fashion Week’s most notorious Instagram, as she revealed that she was pregnant–but we skipped that one. Lots of congratulations to Doutzen, of course, but we went with a sexier pic.

Lindsay Ellingson and Jourdan Dunn  pretty much posted consecutively sexy pics, so that wasn’t a hard choice. Bregje Heinenn also put on a heck of a display. So did the always reliable Candice Swanepoel. And that’s just a few of the hot names here who’ll warm you up–even if you’re stuck in Manhattan for a freezing Fashion Week…

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