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Vapor Pens Get Colorado Students Smoking In Class


Vaporizer Pen in Colleges

The newest smoking trend to help cigarette smokers kick the habit is also helping weed smokers toke up in public. Students are even doing it in classrooms by using vapor pens to smoke pot. Yes, it might even be something like our own beloved Pax Ploom vaporizer.

For instance, several teachers at a high school in Colorado noticed more and more of their students carrying the alternative smoking devices and caught some using it to smoke weed right in the classroom, sometimes literally right under the teacher’s noses. The pens emit an odorless vapor rather than a smelly cloud of smoke so it’s hard for teachers and professors to notice the distinct smell of freshly smoked weed.

Of course, they eventually realize it when their eyes are so bloodshot that they look like a freshly transformed vampire and they are giggling at concepts like chemistry and algebra but by then, it’s too late. They are higher than the level of education they are supposed to be seeking in the first place.

Plus, students aren’t just using the new vapor pens to get high. They are using all sorts of new and interesting ways to plug THC into their bloodstreams. Of course, there is a big downside if you get caught: expulsion. Then again, that would just leave you with more time to stay at home and smoke it the old fashioned way without some ruler wielding autocrat breathing down your neck.

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