These Are The Hottest New Emma Watson Photos You’ll See In A Long Time

Emma Watson does so few photo shoots that we would consider to be “hot” that at this point we’re pretty much ecstatic when she’s involved in anything new. That’s kind of the case with these new photos from Wonderland Magazine–they’re not her hottest photos (those can be found here) but they’re certainly worth staring at.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, anything Emma comes up roses.

Emma’s the guest editor in the February/March issue of Wonderland Magazine but I’m curious if she agreed to do the shoot first, or if she only would pose if they gave her the opportunity to write about what she loves.

Either way, Emma’s been in the news a lot lately for an interview where she admitted she suffers from social anxiety, causing her to escape to the bathroom as much as possible. Which of course plays perfectly into her role as the poster child for geeks/nerds everywhere.

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