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The Dark And Eerily Accurate “Welcome Sochi!” Street Art You Need To See Now [PHOTOS]


Since it’s inception, the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics have been a PR disaster for Russia. You almost couldn’t make up some of the stuff that’s being reported from the Motherland: unfinished hotels, the toilet trouble, the killing of dogs–it’s almost like it’s out of a cartoonish nightmare.

But if you ask Russian artist Vasily Slonov, he wouldn’t be surprised about any of what you’ve read. He’s the mad genius behind all the “Welcome! Sochi 2014street art posters you’re going to be seeing a lot of in the near future and he’s clearly got a dark and humorous view of what his country’s been up to in the past few years leading up to Sochi 2014.

Thankfully it’s not entirely accurate. Cherubska–the official Russian mascot–is a lot less cute when he’s pooping in an outhouse (which if you think about it is actually an incredible prediction of how bad the plumbing is in Sochi right now) or chasing cross-country skiiers (almost like the dogs that are there right now).

Welcome Sochi-38

Wait a second is Vasily a precog? He does sport a beard that’s pretty similar to Rasputin and there are some pieces that are accurate. Check out our favorite selection of his “Welcome! To Sochi 2014” works below.

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