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Terrell Owens Fumbles His Latest Marriage


terrell owens

Former Philadelphia Eagle, Dallas Cowboy and Seattle Seahawk Terrell Owens is also about to be a former husband now that his latest wife has filed for divorce. That’s especially baffling becauseĀ T.O. married postal worker Rachel Snider towards the end of last January. That was in a quick, private courthouse ceremony somewhere in California–unbeknownst to the public.

We say “unbeknownst” because the couple didn’t announce it, and nobody has been paying any attention to T.O. since his last hissy-fit got him kicked out of pro-sports for good. Apparently, the marriage lasted about as long as one of his latest jobs because the new bride has already packed up her stuff and fled the state with her things. Reports indicate that she plans to file for divorce as quickly and quietly as possible. She claims that T.O. didn’t intend on marrying her for the right reasons.

Which is to say that he married her for her money. She claims that T.O. needed $2 million fast to pay off a loan for his house in Sherman Oaks, Californa, and she believes their marriage only happened because he needed money from her in a hurry. Damn. We should’ve become postal workers in California.

Anyway, the fact remains that T.O. has a rockier foundation than the entire California fault line. He’s got more debt than most victims of student loans and a career that’s floundering under a ballooning ego. Marrying T.O. these days is the human equivalent of buying a used car from a guy with a slick sales pitch. You really shouldn’t be surprised when the thing breaks down in the middle of a busy Interstate because the engine just decided to suddenly give up on you.

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